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Non-Discrimination Policy

As part of the values of Century 21 Ocean Realty we promote and maintain a culture of respect for diversity, avoiding discrimination, respecting our right to equal treatment, generating empathy and respect with our customers, staff, suppliers and the community in general, through compliance of current legislation and its legal framework:

-Prevention and eradication of all acts of discrimination.
-Respect for diversity and individuality.
-The absolute rejection of all acts of violence.
-The plural and tolerant culture.
-Cancellation of any practice that violates the dignity of people.
-Promotion of gender equity.
-Respect for the right to free expression of ideas.

We are promoters of a culture of inclusion, without distinction of sex, race, color of
skin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, etc.
The commitment of those of us who work at Century 21 Ocean Realty is to bring life to
this Policy, through its application in all our actions.

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